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Jordan Rahme

Transformative Coaching
Human Design Exploration

I Help High-Performing Professionals

  • Discover their Purpose

  • Express more Authentically

  • Reconnect with their Passion

  • Strengthen their Relationships

  • Cultivate Balance & Harmony

  • Experience more Joy & Ease

  • Fulfill their Life's Mission

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Personal Mastery  |  Leadership  |  Self-Expression
Power & Worth  |  Boundaries  |  Spiritual Development
Relationships  |  Parenting  |  Health  |  Business  |  Finance

I Help Accomplished Professionals...


"I'm a completely different person."

Dan Finley - Bitcoin Educator

Jordan entered my life in a way that was both unexpected and surprisingly needed. I was immediately drawn to his spirit, his passion, and his lifelong search for betterment. As I was going through tremendous life changes and important emotional battles, Jordan stayed a beacon of light and hope in my life. He offered insight, love, and support in the form of teaching me about my patterns and attachment styles, which shaped who I am as a person today. I've learned how to recognize healthy behaviors, habits, and tendencies in myself and my actions, while constantly working through the weak points and dark spots that we as humans must embrace. He shifted my thinking, taught me coping mechanisms, and listened with an open heart and intention. In doing so, I've progressed to a better version of myself that is now in a strong, loving, positive, and most important, HEALTHY, relationship.

Alexis Brumm

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Jordan helps people discover who they are and how to fulfill their life mission. He is a purpose coach, transformation guide, Human Design teacher, healer and DJ. His no-BS approach to self + spiritual development guides others into deep clarity, personal mastery and authentic expression of one’s unique flavor. He bridges ancient Eastern wisdoms with modern Western technologies to deeply understand our inner & outer worlds, rewire our behaviors and design our ideal lives.


Jordan has studied under Dr. Joe Dispenza, trained by Anahata Ananda and led community with Aubrey Marcus among other cultural leaders. As founder of Evolved Humanity, Jordan supports the collective awakening through facilitating embodiment + integration work, inner-child healing, non-violent communication and NLP practices to transmute old traumas and re-program existing belief systems. His ultimate mission in life is to illuminate shadows, conquer limitations, demystify spirituality and equip humanity with tools for continued ascension.

Phone     708-910-4011
Instagram   @jordanrahme
Twitter       @jordanrahme

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