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Human Design | Individual Chart Reading

Master your unique energetic blueprint with this introductory session.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 255 US dollars
  • Zoom Call

Service Description

**INDIVIDUAL CALL (1 CHART)** In this introductory Zoom session, we will review the basic aspects of your unique "BodyGraph": 1. Energetic Type (overall role & purpose) 2. Strategy (engaging with external world) 3. Inner Authority (internal decision-making) 4. Open vs Defined centers (energetic map) Requests + helpful notes: - Please provide your birth date/time/location - Arrive on time, comfortable, and ready to interactively engage - Take notes throughout session to maximize value - I will also record our session so you can review at a later time - Final 30 minutes devoted to Q&A ----- Human Design explains how each of us are uniquely built to interact with our internal and external worlds. Where we look within for guidance and where we look outside for inspiration. Every individual is born with a unique "BodyGraph", offering a personalized blueprint for engaging with and moving through the world with ease and alignment. Human Design, "The Science of Differentiation", is a revolutionary system combining modern science with four ancient wisdoms to reveal the structure of the Grand Puzzle we are all immersed in.

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