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Unleashed & Uncensored

Week 1

We'll explore the most fundamental + existential questions facing humanity:

Where did I come from?

How have I come to be "me"?
Who is that voice in my head?

What is my life mission / purpose?

Week 4

We'll graduate from previous lessons into embodied practices to experience measurable somatic healing firsthand.

Revert into past memories to address root causes of self-limited stories & belief systems to transform traumatic experiences into powerful wisdom.

Week 2

A masterclass on the revolutionary scientific breakthroughs in humanity's quest to demystify God / Source / Spirit.

We'll dive into the quantum physics which reveals the ancient code of our known Universe + how everything
is made of light & energy.

Week 5

After transforming our relationship with ourself, we shift our focus to the outside world full of projections & subjectivity.

We'll focus on conscious relationships of all kids (business, romantic, etc.), parenting, leadership + more.

Week 3

We'll learn from + leverage modern tools to gain a deeper understanding of who we are and how we have come to be:

Internal Family Systems

Ancestral Wounding

Human Design

+ more

Week 6

Time to emerge from our cocoon as an evolved iteration of yourself with a revamped perspective on life + the Grand Mystery of the Universe.

Implement regular practices to continue cultivating your ideal self

and expressing fully & authentically.

Discover Your True Self

Science of Spirituality

New Story = New Life

Re-Entering The World

Art & Science of Healing

Who Am I?

I help accomplished professionals…

  • Discover their purpose

  • Uncensor their voice

  • Strengthen their relationships

  • Fulfill their mission

  • Experience more joy & ease


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